No Smoking in society and social distancing as its term

And I don’t have to comply either being in the same position to know more about what the surrounding needs constituted of. I would refuse to be subject to conditions of obligating a fine which does not happen and provide full explanatory speech in support of my decision, income and work before I would agree to the consequence in person in writing corresponding for the same reason socially defined subsequently expressed in laws held valid in initially formed societies without having a state.

I would say how long it took to earn this amount and on doing nothing wrong without wearing a mask in the market because it is wrong not to be self-disposed and normal unlike when fines are issued for red traffic lights with cars and not smokers because they coincide as pedestrians who are moreover independent citizens subjecting independence to the autonomy being absent from the urban environment where the vehicles circulate conditional to the accomplishment of will.

The products of the car industry are more lethal than the tobacco industry’s products defining it as a good of the market and nothing bad to do and be compared to as nice and has to be talked in that and not in another way.

By which time I will argue that I will not be lectured reciprocally on the difference existing between steam and smoke because the other person had to be taught that at school as it would evolve normally to the best optimal level of vaping responsibly and smoking inside when feasible.

Moreover an expressed disagreement would be referred to all courts where the answer relied on legislation as legal verdict and that is knowledgeable in each court operating under having a judge. Enough is enough and 10 m x 10 x 365 days = 36 km , 500 m and somebody has to cover the expense and substitute for insecurity counteractive of the result obtained and be lenient, fair and realistic and confront reality in the same and the correct way there is.


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