A natural abomination called the smoking ban

I will begin mentioning that I raised awareness of my constituent M.P. who is the prime minister in England himself who maintains honest and financially equitable relations and exchanges with all industries that include the tobacco industry which was implied not to be working in the public interest or common benefit after what has been negotiated and resolved out of the cause omitting to treat the same problem to the orally discussed solution it has.

Dear Your Excellency RT Hon Boris Johnson,

My name is Constantine Kitis and I have the pleasure of writing to you to discuss the good news of the discovery that blows internal carbon pollution out of the lungs of people who smoke or who have smoked in relation to the Brexit promise announced by the government before it had taken place to permit indoor vaping which coincides with minimal exceptions to be feasible comprehensively.

I am making the assumption that the state and our country are just and fair with equity beyond recognition to circulate and to promote more hygienic products and to contrast the difference on the merit of bronchial health and hygiene to be selling named products having menthol in smaller quantities and encouraging this in relation to mechanical smoking in recognition of only one twentieth of the seriousness of the effects present.

I would urge the government to disengage indoor vaping and its use within context of spaces from its commitment to materialise this post Brexit aware it may not yet be complete and congratulate you on your progress in all you have achieved yet so far especially in light of the techniques devised to cleanse lungs from smoking which can be compensated by doctors to reduce and avoid illness and deaths in place of refusing therapy for smoking because it is derived on the surroundings rendering their knowledge to study pollutive cleansing.

Please reference the above attributed to Universities of Athens and of Creta in Greece making use of the green tea and eucalyptus that is sold according to others as in blueberries and alike that lung cleansing exhales carbon.

Thank you for your time and for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Constantine (Costas) Kitis, BA

I am in the acknowledgement of all support Ireland has assisted to pub tenders and social congregation and venue waiters who would inhale passive smoke for eight (8) hours in a day and five days in a week after what not all as it is expected were well in their physical health because in eight hours room circulation combust from 200 to 900 cigarettes by late at night amounting passively to one more packet of smoking on weekdays which is why or how they were sick as well as according to the various Greek dinner parties after midnight on the next morning that whoever had a heart condition was fainting or having crises and even dropped out.

This is one thing that is performed with utmost responsibility and consideration in this country to be first and effective about apparently conflicting problems in this event representing failure and comprehensive deterioration because this only happened up to that date but each and our country is independent sufficiently not to intermingle personalities with their decisions belonging privately to each person they affect about private or daily life and course of events in having to work to obtain the snatched result of restrictions relational in natural elements.

Comparing the boundary to the next neighbouring person to entities that do not live like the atmosphere or the goods of the market negated in their addressing alienating the original cause of motion for those who do was intended. The comparison should be made in person and relate to them making the relevant subject of legal documents.

Moreover, the neighbouring person have not kept their place and position, and this has been the Christian discovery. Finally when the Irish Council reconciliate there is no integral right related to smoking addressing its exclusiveness they are miscarrying public opinion from 1995 and awareness based on the elementary fact of absent criticism about what a right consists of with many components most of which are hypothetical.

This component as smoking related to more than one rights where it belongs to the person and not the physical item or rigid body as mislead and materialised. Politicised declarations cannot always be honest towards you when you proactively travel overseas abroad if it does not depend on your subsequent proactiveness to maintain the unilateral activity to smoke upon your circulation or participate in what this will depend on from where you became affected potentially internationally when exposed to the applicable democratic processes in the form of predefined texts.

This is called the right to disengaged motion about transport. The right to the asylum of the private residence is why you heard obscure declarations omitting to be informative and as well honest and sincerely: You cannot expect everyone’s right to obscure hinderance in writing up the legislation unless it is destined to deprive it along with all others and subject liberty to its punishment.

A private residence is superlative to the exterior public place and the right to leave from it is inalienable to each person. What is unpermitted within does not take place outdoors by the application of law because what is restricted outside is unpermitted likewise from within. This is the narrowest social component where this law belongs at as a smoking ban and it should not be state-defined by definition of the law and constitution and reason for its validity.:

In this country the electorate will not dictate to the Lords convening in the House about their activities and interests because they got to vote but each can do the same things the other can imitate in the lounge outside the Chamber.

Interpretation of context of the Magna Carta in 1215

Smoking responsibly as it is consistent is everybody’s obligation about whether feasible depending on people and things and is not to be read out to be condemned in place of more serious substantial facts and events. This can be at the present time voted proactively and as well as it is performed.

Taking advantage of the written format of legislation to protect and promote common events and causes are also private and individual liberties. More than numerous rights relate to smoking while the Irish Chamber was depriving them from where they originate in their natural form of distribution during 1995 and omitting them from themselves has been purposefully performed.

To conclude this stipulates no interference is intermingled with the natural environment on which cities are built depending across buildings, rooms and built environments and exclude no one accommodating their inhabiting moreover for the police to refrain from interfering with politics and the policies which it depends on. There is a right to vote and append our autonomous activities.

This is proven over most ages to be a fair country where it depends on to vape harmlessly and accept and approve of it by the law when coming from before when currently claimed that just one twentieth of risk to health is residual in vaping this implies no smoking either vaping restrictions decided by the E.U. would still be present than from earlier on.

The distinction between steam and smoke has not to become relevant in context owing to everyone who should be aware not to discuss this in seriousness and obstruct the diverse survival of people having to work to stay out of being fined.

Making the distinction owing that American Indians who smoke with prevalence according to its invention as of 90% and have been devising to do so on whether vetoes must be posed to one’s actions from themselves in place of activity derived on the rest of us and themselves is incompatible and unhospitable and the decision narrowly particular with every instance being possessed by impartiality and independent observers or our justice that does not rely on legislation and conduct itself on top of this world where the laws of reason nevertheless were broken.


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